Please read this entire Document (hereafter, ‘Document’) carefully before signing. This Document informs you about your responsibilities and assumption of risks. In consideration of the services of Wild Vistas Trekking, and its agents, owners, officers, employees, representatives, volunteers, independent contractors, grantors, and licensors, and all other persons or entities associated with it (collectively referred to in this Document as ‘WVT’), participant, and Parent(s) of minor participants, acknowledge and agree as follows:


WVT outdoor adventure activities (which may be scheduled or unscheduled, mandatory or optional or supervised or unsupervised) may include, but not be limited to hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, route-finding, camping, and transportation to and from activities (referred to in this Document as ‘activities’ or ‘these activities’). I (and my Parent(s), if I am a minor) acknowledge that these activities involve inherent and other risks, hazards and dangers that can cause injury, property damage, illness, mental or emotional trauma, disability or death to participant or others. The following describes some, but not all of those risks, hazards and dangers:

Risks present in an outdoor or wilderness environment. These risks include travel in high altitude, mountainous or wilderness terrain both on and off trail. Participants’ travel may be subject to lightning, strong winds, fast moving rivers or other water bodies, difficult stream crossings, currents or whitewater, falling rocks, extremely hot or cold weather or cold water, snow and ice, fallen timber, stinging or disease carrying insects, poisonous plants, wild animals and other natural or man-made hazards. Hazards (both on land and above and below water level) may not be marked or visible and weather can be unpredictable year-round.

Risks involved in decision making and conduct, including, without limitation, the risk that a WVT staff member, representative, volunteer or co-participant may misjudge a participant’s capabilities, health or physical condition, or misjudge some aspect of instruction, medical treatment, weather, terrain, water level, or, river and/or terrain route location.

Personal health and participation risks. The risk that participant’s mental, physical or emotional condition (disclosed or undisclosed) combined with participation in these activities could result in injury, damage, death or other loss. Although WVT personnel have reviewed participant’s health and medical information and made a decision to allow participation, WVT cannot anticipate or eliminate all risks or complications posed by participant’s mental, physical or emotional condition.

Risks associated with travel. Travel can be on foot or by vehicle, or other means and can be over rough and unpredictable terrain or via lakes and rivers, in snow, sleet, rain or other adverse weather conditions.

Risks connected with geographic location. Activities may take place in remote locations, several hours from medical facilities, causing potential delays in communication, transportation, evacuation and medical care.

The risk that equipment used in an activity may break, fail or malfunction.

Risks associated with cooking and camping. Participants can cook over a gas stove or an open fire and are subject to the risk of gas explosion, scalding or other burns. Water may be contaminated and must be disinfected or boiled before use. Camp sites may be subject to high winds, falling trees and/or branches, floods, wild animal invasion, and other weather-related hazards.

Participants may have free time before, during and after the start of a program and at various other times. Unsupervised time may include free time and/or brief periods of time, stationary and alone in the field (solos). During both supervised and unsupervised activities, all participants share in the responsibility for their own safety.

Risks regarding conduct. The potential that the participant, or other participants or third parties (e.g. driver, rescue squad, hospital) may act carelessly or recklessly.

Other risks, hazards and dangers generally associated with outdoor educational, instructional and/or adventure activities.

These and other risks, hazards and dangers may result in participants: falling, being struck, colliding with objects or people, experiencing vehicle or boat collision or capsize, reacting to high altitudes and weather conditions, becoming lost or disoriented, suffering gastrointestinal complications or allergic reactions or experiencing other problems. These and other circumstances may cause hypothermia, hyperthermia, dehydration, frostbite, drowning, high altitude sickness, heart or lung complications, broken bones, paralysis, concussions or other injury, damage, death or loss.

Participant is voluntarily participating with knowledge of the risks. Therefore, participant (and Parent(s) of minors) assume and accept full responsibility for participant, for the inherent and other risks of these activities (both known and unknown) and for any injury, damage, death or other loss suffered by participant (and Parent(s) of minors), resulting from those risks, and/or resulting from participant’s own negligence or other misconduct.

I (participant and Parent(s) of a minor participant) agree:
  • I have accurately completed the application and medical form and agree to abide by the terms of those documents, and to obey all WVT rules, regulations and policies;
  • I have reviewed and understand all WVT program information and materials received, and understand that MYEF representatives are, and have been available should I have further questions about these activities or the risks, hazards and dangers associated with these activities;
  • Participant has no mental or physical problems or limitations which might affect his/her ability to participate that have not been disclosed to WVT and participant is fully capable of participating without causing harm to participant or others;
  • Participant (and his/her Parent(s)) are fully responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment;
  • WVT cannot assure participant’s safety or eliminate any of these risks.
I have carefully read, understand and voluntarily sign the reservation document, acknowledging that it shall be effective and binding upon me, my minor children, spouse and other family members, and my heirs, executors, representatives and estate. One or both Parent(s) must sign below if participant is under 18 years of age.